Dec 10.2019

After Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Volkswagen Also Chooses Unilumin LED Display!

Recently, in the multi-function hall of the new building of  Volkswagen China headquarters, a series of HD fine pixel pitch LED displays built by Unilumin have been put into use, providing a high-quality visual assurance for Volkswagen's brand communication, information release, product display and other relevant work.


Unilumin LED display at Volkswagen's Exhibition Hall

As the world's leading supplier of LED displays and overall solutions, Unilumin began its research of LED display in Automotive application years ago. Cooperating with Volkswagen has once again proved the advantages of Unilumin LED display application in car industry.

Outstanding Product Capacity

With advanced display technology, excellent product design and quality, Unilumin LED display has won a number of awards including "Individual Product Champion” by National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and German "Red Dot Best of the Best Award", earning praises and brand reputation for "Unilumin Intelligent Manufacturing" in the LED industry.Unilumin owns a series of fine pixel pitch LED displays with unique advantages such as UpanelS, UpanelII and UHWII, as well as professional LED displays for commercial and rental fields such as Uslim, UsurfaceIII, UpadIV, UpadIII and UtileIII, which can perfectly meet the requirements of various scenarios such as automobile exhibition halls, 4S stores and press conferences.


Unilumin LED display at Exhibition Hall

This time, Unilumin provides Volkswagen China headquarters with 3 types of fine pixel pitch LED displays including UpanelII1.2, UHW2.5, and Upanel1.9 with excellent performance and outstanding display effects, which ensure perfect picture display for Volkswagen's various scenarios.

Rich Project Experience

Relying on constantly upgraded products and a global marketing service network, Unilumin LED Display and overall solutions are widely used in the fields such as Corporation & Education, Retail, DOOH & Digital Signage, Leisure & Hospitality, Venues, Live Events and Control room. In addition, it has won favorable comments from major auto brands and consumers for it has cooperated deeply with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Honda and other well-known auto brands, providing advanced LED Display and overall solutions for their exhibition halls, 4S stores and press conferences all over the world.

Customer-focused Service

In the 15-year development process, Unilumin has always adhered to the concept of "service-oriented and customer-focused" to create quality projects wholeheartedly and create greater value for customers.

In our cooperation with Volkswagen, Unilumin conducted a field investigation on the multi-function hall of Volkswagen's new headquarters building in China; we responded in a timely manner, actively communicated with Volkswagen and properly handled problems in all aspects, explained the key points and solved difficulties of the technical scheme, thus ensuring the successful progress and smooth completion of the project.


Unilumin display at Volkswagen's  headquarters building

With Unilumin seamless LED video wall, multi-function hall of the new building of Volkswagen's headquarters in China now has done well in brand communication, product display and information dissemination. Later on, Unilumin will follow the LED display application project of Volkswagen's headquarters in China and continue to push forward the landing of Unilumin seamless LED video wall in Volkswagen's exhibition halls and 4S stores, so as to realize the overall upgrade in and open a new horizon for Volkswagen's brand communication.


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