Nov 21.2019

Unano Series Wins Golden Pin Design Award

Unano Series has been selected as a winner of 2019 Golden Pin Design Award, the latest international design award Unilumin has received since Reddot Design Award: Best of the Best in March 2019.


Honor Letter from Taiwan Design Center, the Golden Pin Design Awards Official

Established in Taiwan in 1981, the Golden Pin Design Award is an influential design award in the global market and is categorized into three separate types of awards – the Golden Pin Design Award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, and the Young Pin Design Award – to commend outstanding innovation in design from different demographics.


With the outstanding aesthetic appeal and unique function design, Unilumin’s Unano Series stands out among many excellent design products to earn the Golden Pin Design Award which recognizes commercial products and projects entered by design teams and industry professionals.

"Unano Series, the high-end fine pixel pitch product, breaks the record in the LED rental market with the smallest pixel density in a large-sized LED screen. The ultra-high-precision mounting lock ensures perfect flatness on the screen surface and makes creative display possible with arcing design. It is also impressive how the X-shaped element runs right through the product," says the official


Unano Series

Unano Series is the first LED display screen in the rental market that has a minimum pixel pitch of 1.3mm. The breakthrough in reducing pixel pitch brings higher resolution that allows an LED screen to display more details compared with a same-sized screen with a larger pixel pitch. Also, the innovative COS technology applied on the screen surface can not only achieve a higher display effect from the improved contrast ratio and flatness but also extend the lifespan from the enhanced waterproof and anti-collision ability.

As a fine pixel pitch LED display, Unano Series is specially designed to meet the demand for high-resolution display in broadcast, exhibitions, corporate events, and many other places. And thanks to the adjustable arc lock, Unano Series can swiftly turn into a precisely curved screen to catch the audience’s attention or create a perfect immersion experience.


Arc design – Unano Series

In addition to the innovative and robust qualities, the aesthetic design of Unano Series is also an essential factor that wins the favor of the award judges. The special “X” element adopted on the middle back of the cabinet is one of the centerpieces of the design: when panels are assembled, a geometric beauty is formed with “X” as the main element, providing a more holistic and smooth visual experience.

The design of Unilumin LED products has long been recognized not only by global end-users but also by many notable international institutions. In March 2019, Unano Series was awarded "Redot Design Award: Best of the Best", a top prize in the Reddot Award: Product Design.


Reddot design award: best of the best 2019 – Unano Series

As a classic model in Unilumin’s portfolio of LED display products, Unano Series has been widely used in all kinds of business events and exhibitions around the world and well received by global users.


Unano Series, Learning Technologies 2019, UK


Unano Series, ABC Press Your Luck 2019 TV Studio, USA


Unano Series, ADIPEC 2019, UAE

As Unilumin’s vision that goes “Build technology and design platform and become the global leader in LED display solutions”, Unilumin will continue to be focusing on product innovation and user experience improvement and aim to benefit the world with advanced technology and excellent services.


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